Logistic and Quality Services

Inspection, sorting and rework of parts and Subsets. Commercial and Technical Assistance for customers. Fulfillment of productive processes (Tier1). Residents and Antennas. Campaigns at Logistic Areas.

Why choose us


Command structure made up of levels that ensures total control of operations.


We are registered as Importers and Exporters.

Coverage of offices and warehouses in Buenos Aires, Còrdoba, Santa Fe and Sao Paulo.


We design and produce tooling for specific jobs.

We carry out the work in your plant at your Client's or in our Own Plant.


We prepare daily reports that are sent to our clients where we include spreadsheets and graphics processed from the data recorded during operations.


We have staff working within all the automotive terminals in the country.


We carry out product and process audits to verify the fulfillment
of the works, with the support of official certifications.

Iso 9001

ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System that includes procedures, instructions and records that allow documenting the working methods and recording their results.

Scope of Service

Inspección y selección de piezas


We take care of verifying that the products are in compliance with the technical documentation (plans, specifications, standards, legal provisions, etc.).

We have the necessary means of measurement and testing to check the products. We assign the product a Quality Note in accordance with the degree of conformity with the specifications.

  • Reception inspections.

    With this service we guarantee that the raw materials, components, sub-assemblies that enter the plant and that are used in the production process, meet the established requirements, carrying out:

    • Quantitative Control:

      Ensuring that the quantities received correspond to the documentation, counting the pieces and / or weighing them.

    • Qualitative Control:

      Ensuring that the quality of the materials received, meets the dimensional and functionality specifications.

    This control seeks to guarantee the final quality of the product from the initial quality of the components.

  • Batch inspections.

    In order to examine and measure the quality characteristics of a product, as well as the components and materials with which it is made, or of a specific service or process; we perform the inspection service following the guidelines of the ISO 17020 Standard.

    • 100% Inspection.
    • Attribute sampling inspection.
    • Inspection by sampling by variables.
  • Factory inspections.

    In order to ensure that the manufacturer meets the specifications of its products, we provide a factory inspection service.
    This inspection can occur during:

    • The pre production lap.
    • During production lap.
    • At the end of production lap, prior to packaging.
    • During loading lap.
Retrabajo de piezas y conjuntos defectuosos


With this service we guarantee that the parts, non-conforming products detected during the inspection process, will be corrected so that they comply with the specifications.

We have experience of having reworked mechanical, plastic, body color, glass, sheet, structural, electrical components, among others.

Servicios de asistencia técnica


Technical assistance is the solution that D+S provides to companies that do not have staff to visit their customers or suppliers and thus solve any quality incident, preserving good communications and safeguarding the image of the company.

This service is mostly used by foreign suppliers who have clients in the local market, or by local suppliers with clients located in the interior of the country (Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Tierra del Fuego, etc.).

Servicio de residentes / Antenas


The resident service is the solution to companies that deliver parts to assembly or manufacturing plants where it is required to ensure that the batches sent do not present products with deviations that affect the production line and, as a consequence, damage the commercial relationship. To do this, we proceed to:

  • Audit the product in the material reception warehouse or on the production line.
  • Relate with production and quality personnel of the plant in order to know and anticipate potential problems.
  • Attend the customer's plant outside of normal business hours in case of emergencies or incidents.
  • Provide technical support in the event of a quality incident, analyzing the failure mode and evaluating whether it is really the responsibility of the manufacturer or the end customer.
  • In case of failure, implement a containment defining the defects and the actions to be carried out, training, documenting and controlling them with the people who carry out the task.
  • Report the control carried out in the client's plant (by phone, e-mail, whatsapp).
  • Report the summary of activities on a monthly basis.
  • Protect the image against any incident that occurs.
Campañas en campos logísticos y puertos


We have extensive experience in carrying out inspection and / or rework operations when problems have been detected in finished products. In these cases, the campaigns are carried out in different places, wherever the products are:

  • Manufacturer's Deposits
  • Suppliers warehouses
  • Dealers
  • Tax deposits
Embarque controlado


Controlled Boarding is a problem-solving and containment process.

It applies in cases where the source of production is, or could potentially be, out of control.
Controlled Boarding is then used:

  • When the supplier has quality problems that impact on his client and that he cannot contain on his own.
  • Faced with the launch of new pieces or sets, the Client takes as a precautionary measure to put said piece under observation.
  • When critical products affect the process or final product of the client.